This package is designed for expecting parents who want to begin to establish healthy sleep habits from day one! I will educate you, your partner and any two other caregivers you choose on the importance of sleep, particularly for newborns. 

We will go over what a "typical" schedule may look for the those first few weeks and how to establish an Eat, Play, Sleep routine from the beginning. Newborn sleep can be unpredictable but starting a routines and healthy sleep habits from the very beginning will pay off when your baby is able to sleep well from an early age!

This package Includes:


 -A private 60-minute consultation where we will discuss newborn sleep, sleep routine strategies and learn what to expect for bedtime, nap time and night wakings in your baby's first few months of life.

-A detailed, fully customized sleep plan based on your sleep goals for your baby.   This includes information on appropriate sleep needs and schedules  for the early weeks.  We will discuss good sleep habits and how to avoid common issues that occur with newborns.

-One-on-one support with me for four follow-up phone calls and four emails to get your newborn sleep questions answered!  These can take place anytime in the first 6 weeks of your babies life.


Prenatal In-Home* Consultation with Nursery Assessment: $175


Prenatal Phone or Video Conference Consultation: $150​

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